Men’s and Women’s Champion of Champion Singles Open/Academy 


Men's Open

1st - Durie Hill (Phil Corney)

2nd - Gonville-Castlecliff (Kerry Bourke)

3rd= - Aramoho (Kevin Coombe)

3rd= - Wanganui East (Graham Adams)

Men's Academy

1st - Wanganui (Michael O'Leary)

2nd - St John's (Taylor Broughton)

3rd= - Wanganui East (Wayne Vincent)

3rd= - Gonville-Castlecliff (Terry Sullivan)

Women's Open

1st - Wanganui (Dianne Patterson)

2nd - Durie Hill (Rosalie Irwin)

3rd= - Wanganui East (Maria Klitscher)

3rd= - Marton (Elaine Saywell)

Women's Academy

1st - Wanganui East (Adrienne Richdale)

2nd - Aramoho (Louise Morahan)

3rd= - St John's (Lynda Lowe)

3rd= - Laird Park (Trish Taylor-Pope

Good bowling to you all