Bowls Wanganui Representative Squad

8 & Under Hexagonal fixture to be played in Wanganui 12/13 February - Men are playing at Gonville-Castlecliff and the Women at Laird Park

Unfortunately to to Covid-19 red light we will not be allowing spectators at this event.


Singles - Kaylin Huwyler

Pairs - Russell Terrey (s), Phil Huwyler

Triples - Merv Roebuck (s), Kerry Howard, Robert Le Quesne

Fours - Craig Bourne (s), Ricky Winterburn, Josh Francis, Ken Mair

Selectors - Ian Broderson & Logan Palmer


Singles - Shirley Dollimore

Pairs - Martha Hourigan (s), Carol Maher

Triples - Lynda Lowe (s), Sue Hunter, Rita Snowden

Fours - Adrienne Richdale (s), Louise Morahan, Margaret Adams, Lyn Hewer

Reserve - Maria Hackbarth

Selector - Pam Burgess

Manager - Tui Aue