Meeting information is as follows:


Monday 26 September             Training Day                            St John’s    10.00am

Monday 18 October                 Training Day                            St John’s    10.00am

Monday 15 November              Training Day                            St John’s    10.00am

Monday 14 February                Training Day                            St John’s    10.00am

Monday 14 March                    Umpires Bowls Tournament       Aramoho      9.30am

Monday 9 April                        Training Day                            St John’s    10.00am

Saturday 11 June                     Annual General Meeting            St John’s    10.00am


The Bowls Wanganui Umpires Association is always seeking new members so it can continue to provide an important service to players.

Training is provided at a minimal cost with training sessions held at St John’s Bowling Club during the winter months.  Those sessions are usually held once a fortnight on Saturday

mornings from 11am to 12.30pm.

Umpiring provides an interesting and useful dimension to your bowling career

For more information or to apply to join our team call any of the officers listed above.

We will be pleased to hear from you.